Callie Butcher for U.S. Congress

Callie will be the first openly LGBTQ+ representative from the south, and the first openly transgender member of Congress nationally.

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Meet Callie Butcher

9th Generation Texan. Mom. District 32 Resident.

Callie Butcher is a community leader and accomplished attorney. She has a passion for justice and equality, which is a driving force in her life. She spends her time advocating for underserved communities, promoting diversity, protecting innovation, and empowering small businesses and non-profits. 

Callie stands up for what is right, she has spent countless time traveling to Austin to defend the rights of Texans; especially the heavily targeted LGTBQ+ community. Callie has experienced firsthand the Republican attack on Texan’s freedoms. After her time in the Texas Capitol, it became clear to Callie that ineffective leadership in Austin won’t keep Texas families safe. 

Callie sitting in a coffee shop with a notebook and drink on the table.
Issues that Matter

It's time to take the fight to D.C.

Callie is running for United States Congress because it is time to take the fight to D.C. to champion the issues that truly matter. Issues like:

Keeping our kids safe by taking on the gun lobby 

Reclaiming our bodily autonomy, guaranteeing a national right to reproductive healthcare and gender-affirming care

Investing in climate solutions to protect our environment 

Addressing inflation & ending student loan debt

Medicare For All: Ensuring access to affordable, high quality medical care for everyone

Keeping medical decisions between patients and their doctors

Making the Equality Act the law of the land

Let’s send Callie to Congress!

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