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The Issues

This campaign is about providing a voice for ALL Texans, championing empathy and compassion, and achieving real change on pressing issues, including guaranteeing the right to access healthcare, keeping our communities safe by taking action on gun violence, and solving student loan debt. Together, we will fight against extremism in Texas and across the country and create a safer, more equitable, and more inclusive future for all.

Medicare for All: Access to Affordable, High-Quality Healthcare for Everyone

We are fighting for a world where every American can access high-quality healthcare, no matter the size of their pocketbook. The private healthcare industry has taken advantage of America’s healthcare needs for too long, it’s time we pass Medicare for All and guarantee all patients, regardless of race, gender, medical history, income, or immigration status, access to high-quality, equitable care that is free of cost.

Keep Politicians Out of Private Medical Decisions: Guarantee a Right to Access Abortion and Gender Affirming-Care in All 50 States

Now more than ever, we must act to guarantee the right of individuals to control medical decisions around their own bodies. From fertility care and abortion to gender-affirming care, the far-right has supplanted recommended best-practice healthcare with their own personal beliefs, resulting in harm to the American people and the medical system as a whole. We must act now to pass legislation guaranteeing a right to abortion and prevent politicians from intervening in private decisions to be made between a doctor and the patient.

To achieve equity, we must guarantee not only a national right to abortion but also ensure access to broad reproductive healthcare and services, including access to contraception and birth control for all who want it, comprehensive age-appropriate sex ed taught in schools, access to fertility treatments, paid parental leave for all people, and universal childcare, elder care, and pre-kindergarten.

And we must ensure that our healthcare system is inclusive of all people and guarantees access to queer sexual health and gender-affirming healthcare, including HIV care, PrEP, fertility treatments, birth control, abortion care, mental health care, hormone replacement therapy, and gender-affirming care, to all who need it.

End Gun Violence

As the mother of two young children set to begin kindergarten in Dallas public schools this fall, Callie understands the fear that every parent lives with. But it does not have to be this way. We shouldn’t have to worry about whether it’s safe to send our kids to school. From mass shootings, domestic violence, and incidents in the home, our epidemic of gun violence is a uniquely American problem and needs an immediate solution. The gun lobby cannot be allowed to continue to prioritize its profits over our lives. We must act now to pass an assault weapon ban and keep weapons of war off of our streets. We need a comprehensive approach to implement solutions we know work, solutions like assault weapons bans, bans on high-capacity magazines, background checks, red flag laws, and safe storage laws.

Stop Predatory Student Loan Practices and Cancel Student Loan Debt

Student loans have hamstrung a generation of Americans. We must reign in this predatory industry and provide relief to the millions of Americans in my generation who have been saddled with debts they will likely never be able to afford, and free them from the shackles of this burden. It’s time to invest in American families and provide relief from student loan debt, allowing the millions of Americans suffering under the weight of these loans the freedom to take basic steps to financial security and independence.

Power to the People: It’s Time for Serious Campaign Finance Reform

We must act to eliminate the influence of money in politics. The truth is most campaigns are more concerned about how much money they raise than the needs of the people they are running to serve. For our democracy to survive, fundamental rules governing how campaigns are financed must change. We must institute an effective and robust system of public financing for electoral campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels, amend the Constitution to allow for the establishment of campaign spending limits, and overturn Citizens United in which the Court determined corporations are entitled to spend unlimited funds on independent expenditures.

LGBTQ+ Rights Now

Without comprehensive federal protections, the basic rights of LGBTQ+ people vary from state to state. In some instances, individuals lose rights and protections the moment they cross the border into a neighboring state, with the majority of LGBTQ+ people across this country having no clear protection. It’s critical that we enact federal legislation, including the Equality Act to finally put an end to employment and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

A Climate-Focused Future

Our future and our children’s futures depend on us taking real action now to address the climate crisis, invest in a new wave of green technology, create jobs, and revolutionize how we envision our energy future. Texas is already leading the way in green energy production, and we must continue to work toward a greener future and switch to renewable energy sources. We must use federal funding to incentivize cities to focus on public transportation and reduce reliance on cars, and we must continue to invest federal dollars in infrastructure projects like railroads and high-efficiency electric lines to get power from where it’s generated to where it’s needed.

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